The Journey

*Hotel Photography* It is week three(3) on my journey at the Hotel but damn, Woahhh!!! It’s been so hectic thus far and I would like to apologize for the late blog post that could not be avoided. Classifying over one thousand (1000) images, retouching the selected ones, assembling a PC for the purpose of raw editing and trying to find some “me” time so I would not go psycho was the reason being so occupied. Wasn’t that a bit hectic? For me, it was greatly but []

Travel Photography

Day 56, Mount St Benedict, Location: Trinidad & Tobago Day 56 – The Mount St. Benedict trip.   I’ve decided to go on a journey this time to Mount St Benedict with a few goals set in mind. 1) Climb the mountain. 2) Get a few breathtaking images of sunset. 3) Find viewpoints to shoot.   I surprisingly did manage to climb the mountain and yes, I made it all the way to the top. I can now cross this off my list. Climb the mountain []

Travel Photography

Day 46 Toco Run. On Day 46 of my journey in Trinidad, I was able to visit the Toco beach. I would deeply advise you to read carefully as things may get a little complicated with my English. I’m not too sure if it could be named “English.” On Day 1 of Day 46, after a long drive from Chaguanas to Toco, I unpacked my belongings at the inn. After being fully relaxed in the air-conditioning, I decided to venture outside and as []