The Journey

*Hotel Photography* It is week three(3) on my journey at the Hotel but damn, Woahhh!!! It’s been so hectic thus far and I would like to apologize for the late blog post that could not be avoided. Classifying over one thousand (1000) images, retouching the selected ones, assembling a PC for the purpose of raw editing and trying to find some “me” time so I would not go psycho was the reason being so occupied. Wasn’t that a bit hectic? For me, it was greatly but []

Photography Life

The struggle to attain Caribbean images – for the past month I’ve been trying to construct a portfolio of Caribbean images. I’ve been to places in Trinidad already in search of such images and already acquired some of these images at these locations. I’ve illustrated the Journey to these locations in the Travel Photography in my previous blog posts. As a Travel photographer, I would like to acquire the freedom and opportunity to visit other places outside of Trinidad & Tobago including the many Islands within []

Photography Life

The Struggle Is Real.  Currently thinking about what to shoot, where to shoot and how to get there. The struggle is real as time persists, wondering how do I make it out there in the world of photography and getting clients and my work out. Who do I pitch to or what travel board is looking for Caribbean imagery? But I am not about to give up and fall on my lens and call myself unlucky and wallow in pity for myself. I am going to []