3 Day’s Waterfall’s, Cooking and a Party

Island Experience’s Island Tour  Location:  Trinidad & Tobago The 100th Day Of My Journey  – Day 3 Three (3) days market, two (2) waterfalls, a cooking class and yes, a party! Day 3- Island Experiences tour with the El Camino group. Noooooo,  it’s the final day !!!  I don’t know if I’m able to explain this […]


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 Island Tour  Location:  Trinidad & Tobago Day 80 – The Island Tour. Island Experiences is a local tour company located in Trinidad that offers various []

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Island: Trinidad & Tobago Location: Carribean Population: 1,368,339 According to worldomeaters To me Home, Carribean life is not all about beaches and lovely vacation, here life to the locals is just like any other, wake up in the morning, eat, face the traffic and get to work on time, work hard 8 hrs a day just to put food on the table for our families. Because of our hectic lives, we seem to forget where we live, I will like to take the []