Tour’s with Location:  Trinidad & Tobago Day, “I’m not counting anymore”   Oh, it’s isn’t finished Trinidad, it’s adventure time. “Where?” To []

3 Day’s Waterfall’s, Cooking and a Party

Island Experience’s Island Tour  Location:  Trinidad & Tobago The 100th Day Of My Journey  – Day 3 Three (3) days market, two (2) waterfalls, a cooking class and yes, a party! Day 3- Island Experiences tour with the El Camino group. Noooooo,  it’s the final day !!!  I don’t know if I’m able to explain this […]

Travel Photography

 Island Tour  Location:  Trinidad & Tobago Day 80 – The Island Tour. Island Experiences is a local tour company located in Trinidad that offers various []

Photography Life

The struggle to attain Caribbean images – for the past month I’ve been trying to construct a portfolio of Caribbean images. I’ve been to places in Trinidad already in search of such images and already acquired some of these images at these locations. I’ve illustrated the Journey to these locations in the Travel Photography in my previous blog posts. As a Travel photographer, I would like to acquire the freedom and opportunity to visit other places outside of Trinidad & Tobago including the many Islands within []

Travel Photography

The Boardwalk Location:  Trinidad & Tobago Day 62 – The Boardwalk, which is located in Carenage Trinidad, is rich in many viewpoints. I was very distinctive to shoot some images there, my journey began by dragging myself off my bed 4 am in the morning. took a bath,  got ready, grabbed a yogurt for breakfast and left home for Port of Spain trying to reach the Bus terminal for 6 am. Surprisingly, I got a bus around 7 am and it took an estimated time []

Chasing Night Light

Chasing the moon….yet again. There we go chasing the night light again, my most noble D.S.L.R. and I, in search of the moon at 7 pm. I’ve finally got some good news and it rhymes with “pound the spoon”. Guess what?, I’ve found the moon. I concluded that it would make an amazing shot if I got closer. So I began my journey, I left home and decided to stop by a friend because she needed help with her television. On my way there I stopped at a corner conversing []

Travel Photography

Day 56, Mount St Benedict, Location: Trinidad & Tobago Day 56 – The Mount St. Benedict trip.   I’ve decided to go on a journey this time to Mount St Benedict with a few goals set in mind. 1) Climb the mountain. 2) Get a few breathtaking images of sunset. 3) Find viewpoints to shoot.   I surprisingly did manage to climb the mountain and yes, I made it all the way to the top. I can now cross this off my list. Climb the mountain []