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Day, “I’m not counting anymore”


Oh, it’s isn’t finished Trinidad, it’s adventure time. “Where?” To a volcano. “A mud volcano to be exact, in Trinidad?”  Yes, We got volcanoes people, shocked yet?

Located in Bunsee Trace, Penal South Trinidad lies a hidden gem, Its name L’Eau Michel Mud Volcano.


The Ministry of Tourism of Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean Tourism Month 2017 in collaboration with none other than Island Experiences and ROAMTT. Presents Staytnt Rell Mudness!!! Hike to the L’Eau Michel Mud Volcano And Beach.


But wait, let’s pause for a cause, the taught almost escaped my mind, before we got to hiking we visited, the famous Debe strip known for there amazing street food, Countless amount of  East Indian delicacies. Talk about food, food, and more food everywhere from doubles to pies to sweets and more my favorite was the doubles, to my surprise it was amazingly fluffy and full of zest. Yes, it was fluffy! who knew doubles could be fluffy, Only in south!


After filling our tummies, we ventured on into the Bush, “Bush” Trini meaning for well bush unless you want me to get all technical and explain what grass is. And we’re off to hiking, the hike was approximately 1hr trail through the forest to the mud volcano.


And 45 min from the volcano to L’eau beach.

I humbly apologize for not being able to go diving into the volcano even though  I felt I should have and I did not. But, according to the persons who went diving, it’s quite soothing and neither hot nor cold, squishy to some. Apparently, you cannot sink or touch bottom so yes, it’s like child’s proof, for the big babies out there.


This mud gets everywhere and attaches itself to almost any and everything. Even the people who didn’t want to participate, for example, the mud took me by storm, my camera, my bag, along with my entire face had mud, thanks to this one girl who decided I was clearly to clean! Yep thanks, shridavi, RELL MUDNESS so if you’re planning a visit, do yourself and your skin a favor, get in and don’t forget to walk with a change of clothing, you will definitely need it.


After the fun, the mud, the sun, here cometh the sand. The beach was approximately 45 minutes away, with a track through the forest, We then stumbled upon the L’eau beach, how extremely convenient, a beach to wash off the mud from a volcano that is 45 minutes away, but trust me this mud has a mind of its own, it’s not going to come off easily without a fight that’s why the sea is there I guess.

In conclusion, it was an excellent day, a day that was greatly spent. I visited a volcano I didn’t know existed and went to a beach I never heard about, see you do learn and see new things everyday Trinidad has much to offer don’t stay indoors go out and explore.

14902890_1288055584567614_8026761695134869852_oThe Ministry of Tourism got to say great effort into promoting and showing off the hidden gems of Trinidad and Tobago. To be honest, we need a mass amount of continuous support from the ministry and it is tremendously wonderful that they are taking part as well.




Island Experiences, as usual, incorporates the aspect of fun and education in the most compelling way. What an experience to be a part of, as always promoting tourism to the best of their abilities. iexp_logo







Island Kids Adventures was also out there Documenting all the Epic moments of Rell Mudness Hike be sure to check out their video below these guys are excellent at videography, got to say great work.



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