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Day, “I’ve lost track of the number of my Journey!”


It’s been a while since my last blog.  I’ve been so occupied and was short on time in updating my blog and I do humbly apologize. Lately, I’ve been so caught up in shooting waterfalls, Down the Island, tours and lots more.

Let’s speak about The Island adventure event Island Experiences hosted comprising a mixture of tourists and local people. Island Experiences collaborating with ROAM TT and Hike Nation to bring you the experience of a lifetime. Boarding the El Zoro Yacht, a huge 3 story yacht with a Jacuzzi, living quarters and dining area deck. Yes, the yacht was luxury, itself.

Sailing to our final destination with Trinidadians on board, a sure recipe for excitement and fun with an extra ingredient of alcohol. Yes, loads of alcohol, great vibes, and positive energy. Things always seem to turn into this

Docked out at sea, the adventure was far from ending when Funjumps Water-park Rentals, Provided & constructed at the shoreline a water-park along with Paddle-boards, kayaks and dolphin boards. It was definitely spectacular with so many to do.


Accompanied by the Sea Champion which parked approximately five feet away from the shoreline, the music never ceased to stop. Don’t ask how they did it but the captain of that boat had to be excellent to park so damn close to shore. Captin thanks a lot for keeping the music nearby.

DSC_0155.jpg Trinidad & Tobago, the party Island were there is always a lime, even at sea!

The Island adventure was undeniably exceptional. I had a terrific time got some great shots and I’m most definitely sure the people who attended the event did as well. Hopefully, it becomes a regular event every year so that you too can come enjoy this entertaining experience with us.

If your interested in Browseing The Island Adventure full album head over to my facebook page albums Labled ; Island Adventure



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