Down “De” Islands

Down “De” Islands Tour with Island Experiences Logo

Location:  Trinidad & Tobagotrinidad-and-tobago-162442_640

Day 116 Of My Journey


Down De Islands

Being wonderfully arranged by Island Experiences, Down de Islands isn’t a place per say, it is literally a cruise down the island that starts of from Trinidad to the Bocas Island, Bocas del Dragón (Dragons’ Mouth). A yacht was chartered from Crews Inn Hotel and Yacht Club to take us on our little adventure.


Destination-  Gasparee Grande Island located 12 km (7.5 mi) west of Port of Spain, one of the Bocas Islands known for its limestone caves a great tourist attraction.

Oh yes, I must photograph the true gem of Gasparee Grande, the thing we were all anxious to see, yeah, you guessed it, the Caves!, 100 foot Descend underground cave a pathway through a magnificent system of natural limestone caverns.

If being in a cave is not breathtaking already, if that’s not impressive enough, at the bottom of the cave was where the real beauty resides.DSC_1165-HDR-Edit.jpg

A massive saltwater pool, don’t ask me how the water gets in or out, no one knows, but if you plan on visiting, please don’t go check. Admire the beauty, take a bath and enjoy but please don’t go snooping for the opening. You may never return, that’s one secret the cave may never give up.

The day wasn’t about to end there, after the caves we sailed over to Scotland Bay

Scotland Bay is located on the North-Western peninsula of Trinidad only accessible via boat, the water is so calm and the bay is so remote and hushed. Comprised of only a handful of people around, it looked extremely soothing and undisturbed. Furthermore, if you’re a snorkeling fan, the water at the bay is great for that as well. We also had our lunch there provided by Island Experiences and of course, no one goes to the beach and not swim, Ok I lied some people do, Not me!

Where we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

If you haven’t been  Down De Islands yet, you should make it a priority to go. It’s amazing being on the sea visiting the caves, an experience you will never forget. This group made every minute count, had fun no matter what and that’s what it’s about, enjoying life to the fullest, Y.O.L.O after all.


Life is good! If you’re interested in a Down de Island tour visit Island Experiences Logoand book a tour now.



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