3 Day’s Waterfall’s, Cooking and a Party

Island Experience’s Island Tour 

Location:  Trinidad & Tobago trinidad-and-tobago-162442_640

The 100th Day Of My Journey  – Day 3

Three (3) days market, two (2) waterfalls, a cooking class and yes, a party!

Day 3- Island Experiences tour with the El Camino group.

Noooooo,  it’s the final day !!!  I don’t know if I’m able to explain this rather splendid and sorrowful night in little words but hey, I’m going to try.

Once upon a time on an island far far away, there was a  group on tour with Island Experiences whose name was El  Camino! Island Experience’s Tano and Janelle once again took the group out. The destination was at the Avocat Waterfall but leave it up to Tano and Janelle to show them something awesome before we got there.

Local snacks, an incredible lookout point, and live entertainment felt like paradise.

After the breathtaking view and some incredible photos, right Drew!! Drew is the guy in the red pants who loves a Stag. (STAG – Definition: A Mans Beer) I think he fell in love with our local beer but I guess that’s a different story all on its own lol. The journey continues and we’re off to the waterfall.DSC_0353-Edit

It took approximately 30 minutes of walking until we feasted our eyes upon this beauty. Oh, did I mention that this was not only a waterfall trip, we did repelling as well. Some people were scared but they faced their fears and did it which is not an easy thing to do especially repelling down a cliff. You should be so proud of yourselves, see, not a shy soul anywhere.

After the waterfall, we took shots of Puncheon, ate bake & shark, wait a minute……,  (Puncheon Definition – an alcohol beverage that will knock you out with a 75% alcohol volume ) aka (Fire Water) forres-park-puncheon-rum-trinidad-and-tobago-10339842

Now let’s get back to the story. Later on in the evening, Island Experiences took the group out on another adventure and this time to a place that sells Cuban Cigars, right Sarah!DSC_0498After a little of that, and random dancing in elevators

We proceeded to the Queens Park Savannah where the group got to try out some more of our local delicacies like punches, not puncheon, jerk chicken, doubles, cane juice and lots more of different varieties.

Hold on wait a minute, the night did not end there. They were taken to the Paprika Restaurant and Bar where I can say things got a little crazier from here on out. Now, Trinidad is known for a lot of things and one of those things is the party vibez. Over the past few days, Island experiences showed our lovely guests so much which includes whine, our vast alcoholic beverages, rivers, beaches and now it was the time to put the group to the test.

Then it turned into this very quickly, alcohol was involved, just blame the alcohol, just blame it!

Oh wait, I got more !!!


If you’ve never been to Trinidad and want to experience the culture, the joy and the history of Trinidad and Tobago, I would advise strongly to begin your journey withIsland Experiences Logo.

I would like to thank Janelle and Tano for the experience. It’s a pleasure working with you guys, greatly appreciated.

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