3 Day’s Waterfall’s, Cooking and a Party

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Location:  Trinidad & Tobago trinidad-and-tobago-162442_640

The 100th Day Of My Journey  – Day 2 of 3

Three (3) days market, two (2) waterfalls, a cooking class and yes, a party!

Day 2- Island Experiences tour with the El Camino group.

Morning hike to Rio Seco Waterfall.


It took approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the waterfall which was well worth the journey. We ventured up hills, curved around those corners, over and under aged trees and through streams. After the exhilarating journey, we were greeted by this beautiful waterfall where we lime(hang out),  took a swim and jump off the rocks having fun.


But it was just the beginning, we also had a cooking class on our agenda after this beautiful waterfall. My clothes were soaked, my shoes were muddy and I had very little time to prepare. I did walk with a change of clothing but I had no clean shoes. We then dropped the group off at Kapok Hotel where they settled in, with the little down time we had, I scrubbed my muddy shoes until it was clean again for the evening’s cooking class at Fanatic Kitchen Studio.


At Fanatic Kitchen Studio, the group learned about various recipes like pumpkin soup, bake with buljol and much more. We also got samples of these dishes along with other local dishes. Yeah, we ate a lot, after all, it’s a kitchen, it had food everywhere who won’t eat!


They were also taught on how to mix drinks by a well-established mixologist who explained the “How to, what to do and not what to do.”


The El Cameno group took part in everything, not a shy soul anywhere, they were put to the test to show off what they learned previously.  They then mixed their own drinks in a little alcohol group competition.


And ofcourse there was a cooking competition as well


And when it was all over, we got cupcakes and ice cream.The ice-cream was flavoured with curry which undeniably blew my mind. In the Caribbean, we know curry in ice-cream is a complete no-no, who does that? What kinda sorcery is this? It eventually turned out tremendously delicious. The cupcake complimented it’s taste as expected from Fanatic Kitchen Studios.


To Conclude, let’s not forget that it’s Trinidad, where there are Trinidadians and alcohol it’s a parrrtyy! The El Camino group experienced that first hand when Tano from Island Experiences showed them how we party “Trini” style.


And that’s how Day 2 Island Experiences Tour proceeded with The El Camino group, with a cooking class ending with a twist and a bang, unexpected. Island Experiences makes it a norm that you will never know what’s coming, trust me!.

Stay tuned for Day 3….

If you’re interested in booking a tour, you can visit their site @Island Experiences Logo



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