3 Day’s Waterfall’s, Cooking and a Party

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Location:  Trinidad & Tobago trinidad-and-tobago-162442_640

The 100th Day Of My Journey  – Day 1 of 3

Three (3) days market, two (2) waterfalls, a cooking class and yes, a party!

On tour with Island Experiences with the intentions to document the day via Still Images, after all, I’m a photographer. Yes! My secondary objective is to have fun while pursuing images for my portfolio. Island Experiences objectives, educate about the culture and history of Trinidad and Tobago and give a life change extraordinary experience to the group on tour.  Well from my perspective, they did just that

The group’s name is El Camino, they arrived in Trinidad with a reservation for a tour with Island Experiences, of course, we were there on time awaiting the group. I just recently had a conversation with the Guide and one of the statements she made was “it’s better the group is late than we’re late” so you can be most certain with Island Experiences being on time is a piority.DSC_0912.jpg

The tour began as soon as the El Camino group entered the bus (Maxi) from the airport to the Market. Tano and Janelle, the tour guides, gave the group a history lesson on the culture and history of Trinidad & Tobago from the tribes that once inhabited the island, local foods, and wildlife here in Trinidad.

I know, I know, when you hear history lesson your brain totally goes uhhhhhhh history, booooring !!!  But it was not boring at all, Tano and Janelle made it so informative, engaging and story-like, I was hard just not to listen.DSC_0921.jpg

It was similar to having this great novel everyone enjoys reading and if you don’t like books, well,  Tano’s movements and persona will draw you in,  like a comedy and trust me you won’t be bored at all. You will be dying of laughter all the way.

The Chaguanas Market

The group visited the market where they sampled and bought local fruits, different types of pepper both solid and liquid form, mangoes and local provisions.

After the market trip, everyone was hungry, as usual, I realized after every market trip we’re always hungry. So we made our way to the one and only highway Roti Shop and on the was, on the bus, there was no silence, “now silence is boring”, Tano gave the group a lesson into our musical culture, Soca, Chutney, Steel-pan/bands, and Calypso. He also explained the double meaning in our songs and how it came into being. He even sang a few songs on the way killing them with laughter.

Time flies fast when you’re having fun and not to mention, holding our belly in our hands. We finally arrived at the Roti Shop, I had the shrimp roti, again, which I deeply enjoy and the group ordered what they liked from chicken to veggie, to beef. PS no one was crazy enough to cut roti in half lol, who does that, Nooooooo!

Later that day the group ventured off to their hotel where they got settled in and went turtle watching that night. If you’re interested in Day 2 where food, alcohol and a little bit of crazy was involved, stay tuned for the next post.





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