The Journey

*Hotel Photography*

It is week three(3) on my journey at the Hotel but damn, Woahhh!!! It’s been so hectic thus far and I would like to apologize for the late blog post that could not be avoided. Classifying over one thousand (1000) images, retouching the selected ones, assembling a PC for the purpose of raw editing and trying to find some “me” time so I would not go psycho was the reason being so occupied. Wasn’t that a bit hectic? For me, it was greatly but don’t you think its a good excuse for my late blog post.

The last few days were dragging but it was worth it. Thanks to Island Experiences, thus far, I’ve got a total of 44 Rooms at Alicia’s Palace, not certain of the total number of rooms Alicia’s House has but I believe it’s more than twenty (20) rooms. Surprisingly, I am almost finished with Alicia’s House, with the experience I’ve been looking for; shooting a huge volume of rooms. I’m very certain that I am going to be well proficient in Hotel Photography when I’m done, if the work doesn’t kill me first !!! kidding!JK!

As professional photographers, it is quite easy to get lost in assignments and projects that we neglect to shoot the things we love. I must admit, I got lost in the assignment as well, we must always take the time to stop take a break from the projects, assignments, deadlines and shoot just the images we love to illustrate.

On my way home after a long day’s shoot at Alicia’s House, I did just that, stop, took a breather and looked to the sky even though in the moment, I was a bit agitated. Then suddenly, there it was,  this irresistible light.


Isn’t she a beauty? Yes, the sky was so soothing, I was compelled and the anger faded away. The rain left me with a beautiful sky. Note to all, you are never too busy, stop take in some fresh air and look face to face at the world. Whether it’s behind your D.S.L.R. or your own eyes, you may not be aware of what beauty lies out there.


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