The Journey

Hotel Photography.

If you are tuned into my blog, you would know of the difficulties I encountered attaining hotels to allow me to create images of and in their premises. Well, for now, I am tremendously pleased to announce that the struggle is finally over and I would like to thank Island Experiences for allowing that to happen.

The past few days I’ve been occupied with Island Experiences, living up to my part of the deal. They presented me with two(2) properties to shoot, Alicia’s Palace and Alicia House. I started on the Palace last 5 days and it’s going remarkably well. I’ve managed to get some satisfying images not yet certain if it’s portfolio worthy. After all, it’s my first few shots in this type of photography but I would like to share it with you guys anyways.

The Honeymoon Suite.

I enjoyed shooting the Honeymoon Suite experimenting with natural light vs artificial light. If I had to stay at the palace, I would definitely prefer the Honeymoon Suite. There is a significant learning curve to Hotel Photography, every day I’m faced with a new challenge along with meeting new people and visiting different places.

For some queer reason, I’ve been encountering difficulties shooting the bathrooms, confine space makes it difficult to shoot. I am determined to find a solution for that problem but for my first time shooting hotel rooms, my pictures were not that awful.

Feel free to comment on my work, a little constructive criticism would not kill but help me to improve.`




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