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The struggle to attain Caribbean images – for the past month I’ve been trying to construct a portfolio of Caribbean images. I’ve been to places in Trinidad already in search of such images and already acquired some of these images at these locations.

I’ve illustrated the Journey to these locations in the Travel Photography in my previous blog posts.

As a Travel photographer, I would like to acquire the freedom and opportunity to visit other places outside of Trinidad & Tobago including the many Islands within the Caribbean. For this to be possible, I must aspire to be great, to do so, I must possess experience in the field of Caribbean tourism, a portfolio that consists of work showing potential clients the variety of images that I can offer and  some sort of income.

So the question came to mind while brainstorming, how can I make this possible? There is a photographer named Brendon Van Son, he’s a well-established travel photographer that I follow and aspire to be. Watching his videos also inspires me to go out there and chase my dream, Travel Photography and be a stubborn “mother photographer”. I remembered some advice he gave on his channel concerning pitching to tourist boards, guides, hotels and so forth, I did just that, sent several emails every day requesting to shoot pictures just for the experience of it, did this for a month or more and got no response.

Thursday that changed, I received an email from Island Experience, a local tour company requesting to meet with them to discuss my proposal. With all smiles,  I ventured into the meeting, had some wine, talked about tourism and politics, got a little more in-depth concerning the proposal, he accepted.

So the following weeks I got my work well planned out, shooting hotel rooms and local tours. Thank you, Island Experience for the opportunity I am most grateful.

If you are interested in Brendan Inspiring videos, check him out on youtube


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