Travel Photography

The Boardwalk

Location:  Trinidad & Tobago trinidad-and-tobago-162442_640

Day 62 – The Boardwalk, which is located in Carenage Trinidad, is rich in many viewpoints. I was very distinctive to shoot some images there, my journey began by dragging myself off my bed 4 am in the morning. took a bath,  got ready, grabbed a yogurt for breakfast and left home for Port of Spain trying to reach the Bus terminal for 6 am. Surprisingly, I got a bus around 7 am and it took an estimated time of 30 minutes to reach the boardwalk with the bus from the city.

Finally, I’m at the location ready to start the day shooting but then I realised that the lighting is horrid, it’s overcast and the sky is a bit hazy.DSC_0332.jpg

The above image is what I got with those conditions.

I got two options Now,

  1. Spray and pray – a derisive term for firing an automatic firearm towards an enemy in long bursts, without making an effort to line up each shot or burst of shots. This is especially prevalent amongst those without the benefit of proper training. It differs from suppressive fire as the shooting is sloppily directed. (By Wikipedia) In this case, I’m not using a firearm but a camera.
  2. Be patient and wait – basically, it’s the opposite of spray and pray.

Option two (2) prevailed. It took me at least 2 hours to smuggle some good quality photos

Patience does pay off sometimes!! And NOW for the PICTURE OF THE DAY, drum roll, please….DSC_0435

Now this, is what you call, performance! As I looked down at my watch I noticed the time, it’s almost 12 pm and of course, I’m not about to come all the way to the boardwalk and not take a sea bath. Who goes to the beach and not bathe?  Ladies don’t get upset but there is nothing called a sunbath, just saying,  but, there is sunburn. HA, so funny. So I packed my belongings, tucked away my camera in my bag, secured it to the bench and dived into the water.

Took an hour bath and waited for the bus to return me home bringing and end to Day 62 – The Boardwalk. trinidad-and-tobago-162442_640



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