Chasing Night Light

Chasing the moon….yet again.

There we go chasing the night light again, my most noble D.S.L.R. and I, in search of the moon at 7 pm. I’ve finally got some good news and it rhymes with “pound the spoon”. Guess what?, I’ve found the moon.

I concluded that it would make an amazing shot if I got closer. So I began my journey, I left home and decided to stop by a friend because she needed help with her television. On my way there I stopped at a corner conversing on the phone. Well, who told me to do that!!! The Police for some bizarre reason began decided to search me, that alone took up valuable time, within that time the moon moved from its splendid view, tucking itself behind the mountains. No shot once again.

I desperately climbed the nearest mountain in hopes that I can get “that shot”, but unfortunately, there goes the moon again, nowhere to be found. Apparently, she had other plans but, We all know I never go home empty handed. I was able to get this one  on location DSC_0307-PS.jpg

The trip was not a complete waste of time after all. I longed to get some more shots from the hill top but it was pitch black, my camera’s viewfinder was constantly illuminated and the focus light kept blinking. Also, every time a shot was taken, it giving away my location to idle hands, making me an easy target if anyone was looking for a pay day.

So I got off the mountain as quick as possible but again no images with the moon. The night was not yet wasted, still being able to scavenge a good shot for the night. I think it also illustrates that you must never give up, even when the odds may not be in your favor.

Chasing Night Light


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