Travel Photography

Day 56, Mount St Benedict,

Location: Trinidad & Tobago

Day 56 – The Mount St. Benedict trip.


I’ve decided to go on a journey this time to Mount St Benedict with a few goals set in mind.

1) Climb the mountain.

2) Get a few breathtaking images of sunset.

3) Find viewpoints to shoot.


I surprisingly did manage to climb the mountain and yes, I made it all the way to the top. I can now cross this off my list.

Climb the mountain

Now to get what I came for, sunset images with high hopes of acquiring a spectacular shot. Instead, to my surprise,  it was not what I expected being greeted with a great deal of bush and additionally, there were no clouds in the sky.DSC_0212

Not too appealing is it?! Yes, I was a bit disappointed after walking up this massive mountain but I was not about to go home empty-handed. I moved towards my 3rd goal, finding a viewpoint ,with no clouds visible in the sky this too became an issue. Being faced with those obstacles, I decided to wait for nightfall to see if I can manage to scavenge a few acceptable shots.

I managed to attain these photos after a long wait. Patience is the key and I’m learning this the hard way.DSC_0226

It’s not worthy of an award but for some peculiar reason, I liked this shot but hey, it’s a viewpoint here in Trinidad. These power lines are like plagues, they are everywhere always trying to be the main subject of your photos. Power lines you are too vain, come on!

The night eventually brought a completely new perspective and I was able to not only scavenge but to create some satisfying imagines including :

So the day turned out practically well even though I  was not able to get an astounding imagine of the sunset as planned but I did indeed get some incredible shots chasing the night light.


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