Chasing Night Light

*Shooting Stars*

After coming home from a very hectic day yesterday evening,  I took a nap and got up with only one thing on my mind : photos! Here is the second edition of Chasing Night Light. The journey began promptly after my nap, looking for the illusive moon again. If you previously read my blog , you would know my agony of searching for the moon 3 days now.

I’ve decided, “Oh well, no moon, lets shoot stars” Last night was the first time I tried night photography. There was definitely a learning curve to it. I’m familiar with light painting but not really a night shoot per say. I then left home and ventured towards the Larry Gomes Stadium and found a spot to shoot.DSC_0120

This shot was not my best shot,  I was not satisfied with the results at all. There were too many grass i.e. bush in “Trini” terms, which was too distracting in this composition. I eventually decided to move towards the car park area, to find another shot.DSC_0140-3

Now, this is the shot I decided to take home, this shot or a hot chick but I will settle for a picture for now. The composition was the better choice for me anyways. After all the above, I proceeded walking towards my next location, a pedestrian walk over,  where I took the following shots. PS, these are tremendously awful but hey, I cannot exhibit only the satisfactory images right?

Desperate to obtain another good shot,  I took off looking for my final image on my way home. I was hopeless enough to take a picture of a rock, if I had to, turns out I eventually did shoot a rock. DSC_0172.jpg

Desperate times call for desperate measures after all, mwah hahaha but to my surprise, this picture blindly became one of my favorites. So, mission accomplished without this strongly bipolar moon.



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