Chasing Night Light

Chasing Night Light

I’ve been searching desperately for the moon almost three (3) days now,  looking for a few night photography, consisting of the moon in my frame along with the stars. There are a million stars but the moon seems to be so elusive these past three (3) days. There is everything else but no moon. 😥 😥 😥

Walked around my house three (3) times so eager to see some night light. I stepped in the middle of the road looking for this damn planet we call the moon but it’s no where to be found.  “Oh where have you gone my beautiful moon?”

“Show yourself, I need you right now, it’s time for your close up…”

“Oh, well if you’re not visible to me, moon, to provide me with the night light, I would have to visit another source. The night is full of all sorts of different lighting including:DSC_0041-Edit

The above is an old image, probably four (4) years back when I first discovered what is “light painting”. This year around, I’ve decided to try it again from a different angle, the result was this.DSC_0476-Edit.jpg

Yes, I did stand there all alone, thinking to myself “Dude, this is a dangerous spot to be standing in, anything could happen!” along with my camera on its tripod as vehicles pass me on both sides. I did toughen it out but unfortunately, what I had no memory of was my tripod being super flimsy and realized it until that day, the breeze alone nearly tipped over my poor tripod repeatedly. My heart stopped every time it was almost tipped  over but it was all good and even though on my way home I slipped and lost a tripod leg *Clumsy Me* It’s still all good, I live for the adventure after all.

Stay tuned, more night photography on my next journey !!


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