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Island: trinidad-and-tobago-162442_640.pngTrinidad & Tobago

Location: Carribean

Population: 1,368,339 According to worldomeaters

To me Home, Carribean life is not all about beaches and lovely vacation, here life to the locals is just like any other, wake up in the morning, eat, face the traffic and get to work on time, work hard 8 hrs a day just to put food on the table for our families.

Because of our hectic lives, we seem to forget where we live, I will like to take the time to show and remind some of the things our country offers.


Is an annual event held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in Trinidad and Tobago. The event is well known for participants’ colorful costumes and exuberant celebration. And As the locals know it time to wine up a bumpa.

Tho carnival is once a year you will think it stops there it doesn’t Trini’s party right true the year especially when there are places like the avenue and down the island boat rides, along with a bar, pub or sports bar around nearly every corner, basically were ever a Trini goes there is a party.  O yeah its so serious we basically have small islands dedicated just “wine and Jam”, known to the locals as “Down De Islands”

“Wine and Jam” Meaning Party. Please see the above to pictures to get a better idea of what I mean!

Our beaches, Chaguarmaus, Macreep, Toco, Blanchisseuse trust me there are lots more beaches than you have fingers on your hand, basically, where there is a coast there are beaches.

And don’t even let be get started on our sister island Tobago, I call it Tourist central, the island is outfitted mainly for tourism. Will cover Tobago at a later date.

Tho mainland life is hard sometimes try not to forget where we live, don’t take our little but beautiful country for granted. And if you’re looking to visit or already here enjoy we have lots to do, trust me you may not want to go home afterward.

Trinidad The Party Never Stop, Bumpa for so,  Carribean Girls, Amazing Culture 


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