Travel Photography

Day 46 Toco Run.

On Day 46 of my journey in Trinidad, I was able to visit the Toco beach. I would deeply advise you to read carefully as things may get a little complicated with my English. I’m not too sure if it could be named “English.” On Day 1 of Day 46, after a long drive from Chaguanas to Toco, I unpacked my belongings at the inn. After being fully relaxed in the air-conditioning, I decided to venture outside and as I looked towards the left, the sun was beginning to set.

I immediately headed down to the beach, trespassed on someone’s land, passed through a dasheen patch and chilled with the crabs as they burrow into the dirt. N.B: Do not trespass on people’s land. “DO NOT DO AS I DID” It’s surely against the law and I do not want to be a part of condoning it. Now where were we, Oh, After reaching the beach and climbing down the hill, more like walking down with great effort due to its steepness, there was a hidden track.

 I was able to get some amazing shots which include:


Soft Sunset

After basking in the sunset and engaging in continuous photographing, I returned to the inn and enjoyed the night talking and drinking. The following days were superb as well. more alcohol, beaches and my favorite images that I love to generate. Yes, the love of Sunsets!

It eventually came to the last day at the Toco beach but, on the way home, we visited another beach where I was able to get some stunning pictures as well.

You can check out my portfolio anytime for more of my images. Toco was wonderful and even though it left me with a great amount of editing work, it was undeniably worth it. Stay tuned.


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