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Day 46


You may may find it quite peculiar that the first blog post starts with Day 46. Well, the reason being is that I’ve started my tour around Trinidad 46 days ago when I explored San Fernando, also know as “Sando”. It is also known as Trinidad and Tobago’s “industrial capital” because of its proximity to the Pointe-a-Pierre oil refinery and many other petrochemicals, LNG.

I was able to witness and shoot this magnificent sunset

Golden tropical sunset with silhouette palm trees

Golden tropical sunset

and a marvelous sunrise.


Sando Hill Sunrise

Now, the trip was not expensive at all and I would like to thank the owners of Caribbean Paradise. They were exceedingly accommodating and the nightly cost was very well reasonable. The fee was only $135.00 US which is equal to $202.00 TT inclusive of free parking, free WIFI and a great deal of more services. Oh and yeah, the fee also consisted of fully air-conditioning rooms. Even though the cost did not include dinner, to my surprise, I was greeted with a warm smile and was offered dinner on my entrance. It was a simple dorm setting which I paid for consisting of  one (1) bed and to my surprise again , I got the entire room to myself. The only negative outcome was that there was no heated water available , but a cold bath never killed anyone. Apart from that one flaw,  it was extremely excellent. Keep up the good work Caribbean Paradise and continue to serve excellence.

If you’re interested in staying at Caribbean Paradise, you can find them on or the booking app.

On my last day in “Sando,” I was able to visit the beach “down south” as we say. Location in the vicinity of Los Iros Bay, off the beaten track and yes, not close to the beach. My love for exploring is as deep as the ocean and  I was able to capture these two beautiful shots.

After sleeping on the beach for two hours, probably 3, I lost track of time due to how compelling the sea breeze was that lured me into resting. I then returned home and started my next journey to Toco, 46 days after.  Stay tuned for my next bloggggggg!!!


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